Question: What Is The Visa Process For Saudi Arabia?

How much is Saudi visa fee?

The visa fee is 440 Saudi riyals ($117) and includes a health insurance fee.

Applicants under 18 must apply with an adult guardian..

How much is visa to Saudi Arabia from Philippines?

In 2017 alone, over 18 million people travelled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One beautiful thing to note here is that Philipines have a good working relationship with Saudi Arabia….Saudi Arabia Visa Fees.VISA TYPEVISA FEES FOR SINGLE ENTRY (SAR)VISA FEE FOR MULTIPLE ENTRY (SAR)Government Visit Visa2,0003,0009 more rows

Can you get Saudi visa at airport?

Tourist can apply for Visa on Arrival* at one of Saudi Arabia’s entry points if any of the following conditions apply: … The visa has to be used at least once and have an entry stamp of the issuing country. Travel must be with SAUDIA or any other of Saudi Arabia’s national air carriers.

What are the documents required for Saudi visa stamping?

List of Documents for Saudi Visa processing.Valid and original passport.Copy of Passport & Iqama(Residence permit) of the sponsor.Visa Order/Wakala/Invitation letter issued by The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Two Passport Size photographs.Medical Report (For Employment Visa)

How much is a work visa for Saudi Arabia?

The cost is $54 (for a single entry) or $134 (for multiple entry) for US citizens or £49/£106 for UK citizens. Processing time is up to seven working days.

What are the types of visa in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia Visa TypesBusiness Visa.Commercial Visa.Employment Visa.Work Visit Visa.Family Visit Visa.Student Visa.Hajj Visa.Residence Visa.More items…

How can I check my Saudi visa is original?

Saudi Visa Check Through MOFAOpen your PC, laptop or any other device have with Google Chrome or another browser.Visa Mofa “Online Visa Query Portal“.Click Searching for and select the option “Visa using the application number”.Put your application number.Put your passport number.More items…

How long does it take to get a visa to Saudi Arabia?

It takes 5 days to process the visa.