Quick Answer: What Part Of Speech Is As A Result Of?

What part of speech is as as?

In the English language, the word “as” can be used for a variety of purposes.

It can be used as a conjunction,preposition, or adverb depending on the context.


What kind of a word is as?

AS (adverb, conjunction, preposition) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is another word for as a result of?

What is another word for as a result?consequentlyas a consequencebecause of thatbecause of thisergoin consequencesubsequentlythat being the casethencethereby40 more rows

What are the 12 parts of speech?

Commonly listed English parts of speech are noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, conjunction, interjection, numeral, article, or determiner.

How many different parts of speech are there?

Eight PartsThere are eight parts of speech in the English language: noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. The part of speech indicates how the word functions in meaning as well as grammatically within the sentence.

What are the 9 parts of speech and their meaning?

Every sentence you write or speak in English includes words that fall into some of the nine parts of speech. These include nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, articles/determiners, and interjections.

Why is it important to learn the 8 parts of speech?

Understanding the 8 parts of speech is beneficial for analyzing the meaning of each word. By learning the 8 parts of speech, you can easily identify a grammatical problem in the sentence, and see whether there is a run-on sentence, a misused pronoun or a problem of the verb agreement.

Is result a verb?

The verb result means to follow as an outcome of some action.

What part of speech is quickly?

AdverbParts of Speech Tablepart of speechfunction or “job”example wordsAdverbdescribes a verb, adjective or adverbquickly, silently, well, badly, very, reallyPronounreplaces a nounI, you, he, she, somePrepositionlinks a noun to another wordto, at, after, on, butConjunctionjoins clauses or sentences or wordsand, but, when5 more rows

How do you say as a result of?

As A Result Synonymdue to the fact.owing to the fact.as a cause of.under the circumstances of.ergo.in respect that.thus.consequently.More items…

What does as a result of mean?

: because of something He sprained his wrist and, as a result, he will not be playing in the tournament. —often + of As a result of the accident, he was out of work for three months.

What can I say instead of due to the fact?

What is another word for due to the fact?thereforethushenceconsequentlyaccordinglysoas a resultbecause of thisdue to thisergo40 more rows